Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shipping News

I've made some adjustments to the store's shipping policy.

Books can now be ordered in multiples, or with other items.

Shipping prices will adjust to each additional item accordingly.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

In Store Outta Site

After pondering the possibility of expanding the inventory in my Store, I've come to the decision to start making a wider range of products more available.

Which is why this site is going to be getting a new name, as I feel the present Mr. 5x5 title verbally limits the range of what I'm planning to do.

Nothing will change as far as the 5x5's go, mind you. 

I will still continue to update them periodically.

But, I'm also going to start including my books into the mix.*

First up, I've added to the Store, a very limited amount of my three hardcover Library Editions, which I will sign and draw a little something in each copy sold.

Keep in mind, I only have four copies of Transit, two of Eddy Current, and four of METROPoL, left. So, if you've been wanting to get your hands on any of those bricks . . . now's the time.

Storenvy has announced that a $.99 handling fee will be added to all orders. 
This additional cost is out of my control.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Where I be

Being that I've devoted the better part of the last three months to creating the 5x5's, along with setting up and running the Store, I'm now overwhelmed with the urge to begin working on that sequential "something" I previously mentioned.

Actually, "sequential" might not be the best way to describe it, as it's going to be more of an . . . experience . . . than a linear story.

But, I digress, as this thing is going to take me quite a long while to complete.

So, I'll eventually resurface with more updates, and also be adding new stuff, and pieces, to the Store.

For now . . . consider me out-to-lunch.